11.7in*16.5in print
A lay flat bilingual typesetting archive of memory. 50 people were interviewed to share their most impressive memory. A color, object, and emotional expression are visualized into a series of photo shoot through various straws.

Straws are measured to four different lengths representing the age of memories. Memories were reappeared and reorganized through the composition of this book.

Materials used to photograph the memory including the straws, dirt, leaves, paper, towel, cloth, and other tools are documented. Text and images are organized with x and y axis by using time and clarity of remembering.

Straw is the clue of this book as a visual element that connects the book both typographically in design and in the content itself. It is the “tunnel” that re-present and visualizes the memory.

Chapter1 archives of materials with x and y axis coordinates according to its coordination in time and remembrance. Content page utilizes CMYK black on text and k100 black on stroke.

Chapter2: bilingual description of memory from 0-1yr, 1-5yrs, 5-11yrs, and 12-30yrs.

Chapter3 collages of black and white personal pictures provided by the memory owner.

I remembered the church that I passed when I was lost as a young kid. Hazy filled my brain.

I remembered holding grandpa’s hands looking at the shinny white coat of the rabbit under the beautiful sunshine.
I was wearing the prettiest dress.

I remembered I suffered from school violence. I was blamed for stealing, just because I came from a small village.

I remembered the warmth as a daughter, loved by mom in the heaven.

I remembered that day water run with dirt, people and car on the ground was washed away.