Improvising Ballet

In series with Graphing Ballet
Performance/Book as post-production/Website/Painting
Size varies 7.3in*9.7in/35in*18in print

A multi-media project inspired by David Sparti’s On the Edge: A Frame of Analysis for Improvisation, “the distinction between composition and improvisation can be traced to two distinct forms of creativity: one oriented toward the product (a picture, a sculp­ture, a finite product that can be examined and reexamined at leisure), and another in which the outcome is undetachable from the particular process of making it, hence in which the process is the product.

This project retrieves improvision through performance and translating live arts to a physical existence of a book.

Using the exact same four movements from Graphing Ballet, I destroyed the ratioinal and strict book I made. By exploring how ballet as a structural, and compositional dance form can be improvision and be seen in other visual perspectives, Improvising Ballet translates ephemeral movements into immoral archive as an outcome. The product is not the book itself, but the transient performance that created residues and material for documentation.

Through the creation of leaving traces with paint while doing the four progressive and pre-determined ballet steps, the definition of improvisation and composition is being challenged. The paint documented the movement. The process itself is the production, the paint residue as the irreversible evident of the performance is documenting.

full length of performance

To re-think design as archival postproduction redefines the relationship between the visual and content, making each form holds its own annotation of the concept. The book and digital representation manifests ephemera through the form and content presenting the uncontrollable details from the performance such as the rip of paper and mixing of three colors paint indicating movements’ directions.

Book as post-production shifts the focus away from creating an aesthetics book as final outcome. Instead, the book is another comprehension of improvising ballet. The book becomes an expressive annotations while defining ephemerality, materiality, and postproduction through bridging and transforming transient live art under a shared system.

By deconstructing ballet with transformative performance, book, and digital archive, the book witnesses the dance, and through the book, one is witnessing the dance.

website (digital archive):

Book as post-production

Book as art,
and as a four-dimensional space.
Book being generative, conceptual,
representative, and sculpture.
Every book has its own system.
The system comes from the content,
the concept, and the designer.
Designer as author,
and as content creator.