Generative Books
4.25 in*0.63 in*6.81 in print

L-L hosts the original transcript between the engineer Blake Lemonie and potentially sentient language model LaMDA to archive the controversial and critical conversation between human and AI by securing the existence of this content with physicality of a book under the inevitable challenge of artist in modern age.

The design and color choices are generated by AI (print.are.na & ChatGPT). The entire process is restricted and created by machines, including the process of printmaking. 

L-L transmits digital data into physical existence of a book, it visualizes an untouchable historical conversation. The material and reversion of the creative process connotate the future of digital life and reconsidering the definition of art.

What is the role of human in art making when art need to be redefined? By deciding to bring this book “alive” both in the conceptual and physical scale, the definition of art is the impulse and decision to making.

digital experience: http://generative_books.hanabit.art/l-l

Book as art,
and as a four-dimensional space.
Book being generative, conceptual,
representative, and sculpture.
Every book has its own system.
The system comes from the content,
the concept, and the designer.
Designer as author,
and as content creator.