Don’t Touch My Body


Don’t Touch My Body is a performance including sculpture, movement, and contact improvisation. The rebellion of female body in this performance is echoing Barbara Browning’s writing of “’She Attempted to Take Over the Choreography of the Sex Act’: Dance Ethnography and the Movement Vocabulary of Sex and Labor.”
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To present the unspeakable, utilizing contact improvisation, repetitive action of presenting the vulnerability of controlled body on stage implies how dancer’s body, especially female dancer’s body are treated as sexual objects. The power of the body through movement can also be seen and acknowledged.

The phrase “Don’t touch my body” is first played through a speaker rather than the victim speaking for herself. The realization of the need to break the rigid system is indicated after existing the stage. 

Rather than repetitive and regulated movement, the body and verbal statement is human, limitless, emotional, variable, strong, gentle, and free. The phrase “Don’t touch my body” is then in response of her own body, and her own willingness to move her body freely.

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“is there a way to read through the romanticization of the scene, and think deeply about labor's movement is choreographic, but not ever merely aesthetic?”