Archive 2018-2024

Live Art

(world body mind) editorial/performance

(the unfamiliar body) editorial/website/installation/performance

(en dedans typeface-giselle) editorial/variable type/motion/poster

(Scattered Projections, Rabbit Holes, Random Forests, and 22 Interfaces)
exhibition/digital interaction/editorial

(graphing ballet) riso-graph/website

(improvising ballet) editorial/performance/website

(the empty pagex) editorial

(sip) editorial

(l-l) editorial

(dont touch my body) performance

(in memorial of cy twombly) performance/sculpture

(none_archive terrestrial planet migration)  speculative branding/posters/motion/logo

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Using design to create art.
Book as post-production.
Graphic as a performance.
Relationship and boundary of art/design.
Design as a process-based pracitce.
Communication design is to communicate ideas.
Be globally aware, be educated, and be honest.
Each project has a designed system from 0 to final result.
Multidisciplinary, form comes naturally.
Not pursuing for mere visuals.
Design with mistake.
No set media, but suitable media.

“For art is not made for living bodies—it is made for the cold, eternal soul.”
-Sheila Heti’s Pure Colour